Lights Management Driver For Whs 2011

If you are still rocking original Windows Home Server hardware like I do (a HP DataVault) and you’d love to make use of those LEDs in front, take a look at this piece of software.

It detects your drives and enables the according drive LED. RAID configurations and health notifications are not supported yet, but the programmer promised to work that out. Potentially allowing compatibility with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

The only thing required is that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver is installed. Check this in Device Manager and look if instead of the Standard SATA AHCI Driver the Intel one is installed. If that is not the case have a look at his instructions.

Supported hardware includes HP’s EX48x, EX49x, X510, X310, X311, X312, Acer’s H340, H341, H342 and Lenovo’s D400 servers.

No more constantly blinking health LED…

Update (2017-11-15): looks like the original link does not work anymore. Uploaded a copy to OneDrive.