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  • People forget...

    It seems like people forget to enjoy and experience an actual moment as they are so focused on capturing it with their latest digital toy (See Matt Smith carrying the torch).

    Technology is still in the way, way too much.

  • Some thoughts about implants

    This is about implants enhancing your abilities in any way beyond what you are able to do now. I’m not talking about medical implants to help you do things you couldn’t do well or not at all before due to a medical or genetic condition.

    First of all I have to admit that I would not really be comfortable having surgery to get something implanted into my body. Especially with the prospect of not being able to use it for a long time. Imagine having fiddeled around in your body every two years to exchange your devices, because greater and better hardware is available or even worse your stuff is not compatible with external interfaces anymore. This is something I would carefully way against the actual usefulness of a device itself. Meaning the latest social sharing gadget will likely not end up under my skin.

    In general I only would put myself on the table if a device will be supported and usable in the longterm, obviously only if it adds extraordinary functionality. One way to solve this problem of being on the bleeding edge might be to borrow from a rather old idea: sockets. Light bulbs use them, computer processors use them. Why not add implants to that list? Just put a standardized socket in you (this still sounds strange) and plug-in the latest and greatest whenever you feel about it or need to. Some might opt for a below-the-skin (subcutaneous) plug which is not visible on the outside for beauty reasons. This way still a small cut into the skin would be required for changes, but this can be done at home.

    So far so good, but thinking about it a little longer: where in your skinny body (I believe we will all have ideal body shape in the future, how generous of me) is actually the space to put new hardware? Sure it will depend on the actual functionality. The brain is likely to be off limits for most here, too much could go wrong. Close to the heart might not be that good of an idea either, albeit we already broadly utilize pacemakers and the like. Which leaves us with extremities and abdomen.

    A rule of thumb might be that the smaller a device will get, the more likely it will end up in and all over the body of more and more people. And looking at the progression in microchips we might just start getting there (until we hit that low nanometer barrier with silicon, but we’ll figure something out). Simpler procedures and accommodating laws will do their part for mass market adoption.

    Regarding the small hardware issue we might see some form of sensors appear way earlier than actual processing, enhancer-devices. Those feelers could be put anywhere and report if you are about to touch something, if you are standing or walking or which way your head is looking. These might help a long way in improving augmented reality applications. Looks like implants are not that far out anymore.

  • All this A,B,C,D-player crap

    *rant on*

    If you are one of the people who has read the biography of Steve Jobs, or at least part of it as it is rather long, you might have come across Jobs’ believe in only hiring A+ players. People that are better in certain areas than you are, so you can learn from them and to keep yourself on your toes.

    The idea is nice. But reducing people down to a rating just isn’t fair. Ask every person on earth who ever received a grade for anything. It doesn’t pay justice to whatever that person might actually be able to contribute to society. Because in the end that is all that matters. A contribution to learning about our past, to running the now or to leaping into the future of humanity. We are all based off one and the same platform, so no one should ever have the right to demote or rise someone beyond others. Whatever the circumstances (See Andi Rubins statement in the GOracle case).

    So someone might say how do you keep getting the right person for the job? How do you get the good people in a field? Well, not by looking at grades. The industrialization of education has to be reversed, stopped. We should now, in times of the rise of social, be more aware than ever that we are all human. Nothing more, nothing less. The solutions are out there somewhere. Let’s do what we do best: advance.

    *rant off*

  • OVZ S3 Ep9 Osaka (by OtakuVerseZero)

    Discovered this lovely web show via this G+ post from Marek Kubica. Patrick, one of the hosts of Néojaponisme is one of the hosts of OVZ.

  • The Mass Effect 3 ending [update]

    Now that some time has passed since I ended the game and the ending debacle has toned done a bit I thought I finally put my gripes with the Mass Effect 3 ending into words.

    There are potential SPOILERS ahead, so don’t you dare read on if you haven’t finished ME3, yet. It is way better if you judge by yourself after completing YOUR ending.

    First off, I don’t want the ending to change. The Mass Effect writers and creators have their creative freedom and they should be allowed to let it end their way. Point.

    The last decision you make determines how the game ends. It seems to have been done right. It definitely is not an easy choice and will not result in the glorious victory you would have wanted (whatever option you choose). My decision stuck with me for a few hours and I struggled a little with myself if I had chosen the right way for my Shepard. I was even close to going back and deciding differently. In my opinion that is what made it a great ending.

    The only problems I have are some from my viewpoint stupid writing and game design decisions. If you are still reading and have not played it yet, stop here! Last warning.

    For one, I chose to destroy all mass effect relays. As a consequence, in a final scene, the Normandy was shown with Joker trying to escape the shock wave generated by the destruction of one of those relays. It sadly crash landed. Now what I don’t understand here is why the Normandy did fly away from the fight on earth. This was the final assault against the Reapers. Sure, it looked like it failed. But wouldn’t the Normandy be the ship to help the remaining troops to escape? And it somehow even had time to pick up some of my squad mates. Odd. A little more explaining wouldn’t have hurt here and there in general. I hope that future downloadable content will come help clear up some of the missing links.

    Which brings me to my second little personal annoyance. I totally understand that Bioware wants to ship future DLC to enrich the storyline towards the final battle. However after the game ends, credits play and you get a little ‘hero’ video you get presented a note. It says, cool that you completed our game, now you can go back to enriching and building the legacy of Shepards fight against the Reapers. After you dismiss the message you suddenly appear at the star map of the Normandy. Boom, just like nothing happened. Taking a closer look it turns out you time-traveled to right before a crucial mission shortly before the ending. However all the characters onboard seem to know nothing about it.

    Now you might say this is the exact same thing that happened in the first and second part. Right. But this is the final part. The Normandy crash landed and Shepard, well, you’ll find out. Shouldn’t it be over after everything you did go through? There is nothing you can do, except replay the ending, anyhow. So why not just drop to the main menu?

    My two cents on the Mass Effect 3 ending. I greatly recommend you play the whole series. It is one of those few engaging sci-fi tales you will remember and encounter in a lifetime.

    Update: BioWare plans on expanding the ending with an Extended Cut.

  • The Daly Show: Episode 1 “The Daly Douche” (by sheltonfilms)

    Watched the Nathan Fillion and first episode some time ago, the Whoopi episode today. If you’re bored and want a few good laughs, I recommend all of them :) This will help you kill some time until is having their 12 hour hangout

  • Prometheus - Official Trailer #2 (HD) (by joblomovienetwork)

    It is SO time for gpod space opera again.

  • Took a long trip, parked it and found it like this in the morning...

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